Photos of Production on our Facebook Page


Boris has set up a Facebook fan page and posted tons of great photos, check it out and become a fan! Also, this weekend’s shoots went well, despite being attacked by children at the park…

Principal Photography Begins

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So while we’re still waiting for a few pieces of a equipment to come in, we’ve got all the basics we need to get started. The next several weeks we will be gathering footage around the DC metro area. I’m most excited about playing with our car mounts and hope they will get here in time for the stuff we want to shoot this weekend. Also, we gathered some nice time lapse in china town last weekend thanks to my cousin’s awesome view, thanks Liz!

I’m on a bus

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So we’re working hard at getting all of our 3d elements put together (like the school bus above) and shooting b-roll this week. Full production schedule will be pushed out tomorrow (well technically today). We’ve been very pleased with the footage we’ve been able to capture with our camera so far so that’s awesome. Also collecting music to go over! Busy week!

Looks like we chose wisely with the 5D MkII

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Well folks, at first we were a bit hesitant dropping the cash for the 5D when you can get similar Canon cameras at half the price. The full frame sounded quite attractive though, plus it seemed to be the model everyone else had been road testing. So we pulled the trigger on the 5D MkII and after playing with it the past few weeks we’ve been thoroughly impressed. Now it looks like the people at FOX thought it was good enough to shoot the season finale of House with it. Check out the article over at petapixel (found via

Excellent Turnout!

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Thanks to everyone that turned out for auditions! We had a lot of talented actors come out of the woodwork this past week and we’d just like to thank everyone for coming out! This week we’ll be closely reviewing the hours and hours of audition tapes we have and carefully selecting our cast. Stay tuned…

Auditions in full swing!

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Our first night of auditions went really smooth! Thanks to everyone that helped out and everyone that came in! I’m sure we’ll have tons of photos to share once we get them from our village photophile Boris. If not, we will blackmail him with videos of him doing something coined “the baby dance”.

One Week Until Auditions!

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OK, so it’s one week until auditions, almost exactly! Thanks to everyone who has responded so far, I’m pretty excited about seeing the talent that’s out there. Just as a reminder, auditions are being held:

April 7th-9th, Wed-Fri, in the evenings from 6:00pm to 9:00pm; and April 10th, Sat, from 10:00am to 6:00pm

The auditions are being held at:
8121 Georgia Ave. Ste. 900
Silver Spring, MD 20910 USA

I just installed some PM software on the server to help with organizing everything, only a matter of time before we get this show on the road!

Physics Test for Current Project

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This is a test using the new C4D mograph dynamics. Still have several kinks to work out, and also going to experiment with using constraints on bones/joints to dummy fracture objects to see if i can get the crane to twist and bend. Maybe also some cloth for tearing?

DSLR Craze is Catching On, Might Get a Canon 5D Instead

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After reading this post on the cow, I might pick up the Canon 5D instead. It’s got the fulll 35mm sensor for better low light shooting as well as perfect 35mm film look…

Just Pre-ordered a Canon 550d

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So you might be thinking it’s crazy to shoot a movie with an SLR camera, but wait until you see the 1080p this thing kicks out. Nino Leitner got his hands on a pre-production model of the 550 d and put together a short film entitled “Feburuary”. You can watch the amazing footage as well as read his review over at his blog here:

Here is the color graded version:

FEBRUARY – COLOR GRADED VERSION – shot on the Canon EOS 550D / Rebel T2i from Nino Leitner on Vimeo.

The only draw back of this camera is that because it is a CMOS chip, there is distortion in high motion footage. That means all of our action scenes will still be shot on the Panasonic AG-HVX p2.

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